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Cafeteria - Vera’s coffeehouse

Enjoy a coffee moment in the Sälgrund island in Vera’s coffee house, located in the old pilot station. The offerings include sweet and savory as well as pre-booked catering for groups throughout the summer.

During the summer Vera’s coffee house is open in the islands pilot station. The coffee house is named after Wera Nyman who was the hostess in 1902-1917 while his husband Ivar Nyman was the lighthouse master.

The offerings of the coffee house consist of the basic flavours of life in Finnish archipelago: coffee, fish sandwiches and Finnish coffee bread.


Sälgrund | Veran kahvitupa

Opening hours

Sundays 4.6-27.8.2023
Vera’s Coffeehouse is open on Sundays at 12-18.

On request for groups
Group size 6-40.

There are 20 seats in the cafeteria and 36 seats outside. In addition, the meeting room in the main building seats 12 people.

Sälgrund | Saaristolaispannukakku
Sälgrund | Veran kahvitupa
How to get to Sälgrund?

Getting to the island

We offer transport on request throughout the summer, 1.5-30.09.2023

We offer boat transportation for groups on request, leaving either from the city at Guest Harbour (Satamakatu 18) or from Kalasatama (Kalasatamantie 162, parking at Kalasatamantie 140). Guest Harbour has parking options. The boa ride from the Guest Harbour takes around 30 minutes during which you have the chance to see the life of locals, activities are the industrial area as well as deepwater port from the sea. The boat ride from the Kalasatama takes around 10 minutes.

Regular boat rides on Sundays
During 01.06. - 31.08.2023 we offer boat rides every Sunday from 12-18. The ride costs 10€/person. The timetable will be updated later. The cafeteria is open every Sunday 12-18.

The ride leaves from the Kaskinen Kalasatama, taking around 10 minutes to arrive at Laxhamn Harbour at the island.

Lighthouse trip to Sälgrund on Wednesdays
During 1.6-31.08 we organised a trip to the Lighthouse on Wednesdays at 11-16. The ride leaves from the Kaskinen Kalasatama, Kalasatamantie 162, taking around 10 minutes to arrive at Laxhamn Harbour at the island. Book your day trip in advance, latest on the previous Monday.

The trip is 55€/ person and 35€/ under 12, including transportation, homemade salmon soup with archipelago bread, coffee and cake plus entrance to the lighthouse.

We can organise day trips to groups (minimum 6 person) also on other days. Book in advance.

Coming to the island with your own boat?

On the east side of the island is located the old fish harbour, Laxhamn.

The boats can go ashore there and the passengers are welcomed to visit the island and enjoy the catering of Vera’s Coffeehouse during the opening hours.

Coordinates: 62°20,3’ P, 21°12,2’ I

The 800 metres long path takes the visitors from the harbour to the Sälgrund pilot station.

Notice that during the private events the pilot station and the garden are reserved for private use only.